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About The Inventor:
Catherine SoYoung Choi,

In the instant we meet our child for the first time, we are transformed by the sudden expansion of our hearts in a way we never thought possible.

SoYoung Mother is about acting on this inspiration. It's about the pursuit of possibility and watching an idea blossom into reality.

Our products strive to add beauty to the everyday moments of life with children. We love clean design, and ultra functionality. We like being prepared for surprises. And we treasure the unexpected moments of joy and laughter set against the backdrop of raising a family.


Catherine SoYoung Choi, mother of 3, is juggling the dream of having a family and living by possibility. SoYoung Mother products are sold in Canada, the US, Australia, and Japan.

Invention Marketplace: Travel > SoYoung Mother Charlie Diaper Bag

SoYoung Mother Charlie Diaper Bag

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Finally a true unisex bag to get you through the diaper years - and beyond. This canvas workhorse looks as natural on Dad as it does on Mom, and is designed to hold everything you need for a trip to the playground or a day at work.

Price: $175.00
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