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About The Inventor:
Jody Brimhall,

I'm a mom with two boys, 20 and 17, and a daughter 14. Yes, it took me a while to get this idea to this stage. But as soon as I realized how simple the solution was, I got to work. It's long over due, but  I think this little invention will help some frustrated parents, and caregivers.

Potty Spray Guard

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The Potty Spray Guard is a simple solution to a common messy problem. It attaches to a toilet to prevent young boys from spraying urine out the front of the toilet while seated on the potty. It attaches easily to the inside front of any sized tiolet with elastic and Velcro, to block the opening between the seat and bowl. It also has a raised arch to catch any dribbles over the top. These little boys will no longer tinkle on the pants pulled down to their knees, or leak onto the floor!

When my boys were young, and becoming more independant, they were using the "big boy potty" but still having problems with controlling the front spray of urine. At first I couldn't figure out how the pants were getting wet when he was getting to the potty on time. Then...ah ha I figured it out. This will help if you are having the same issue.

Price: $12.50
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