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About The Inventor:
Debbie Glickman,

All of the products at Fairytale Wishes, Inc. were conceived and developed by mompreneur, Debbie Glickman. After searching for remedies to get her two young children to overcome common childhood anxiites such as sleeplessness, fear of monsters under the bed, separation issues etc,, she developed a line of aromatherapy sprays, derived from natural ingredients which empower children to overcome these fears. 

Debbie's 15+ years in the advertising and marketing arena has helped her launch this line of products. In addtion to her company, Debbie co-hosts a weekly internet radio show with Dhana Cohen ( where she provides a platform for people to talk about how they are living their own "happily ever after" either by helping the world become a better place or a product they have brought to market. The show is called "Believe in Your Fairytale and Your Zing will Come True! airs on Tuesdays from 11-noon CST on 

In addition to the awards her products have won, Debbie's is very humbled and proud to be able to include being able to help other mompreneurs realize the their dreams!

She is the mom of two amazing kids--Gracie and Joey and the wife of an amazingly supportive husband, Jason. Family is the center of her universe and everything else is the cherry on top.

Invention Marketplace: Baby Products > Fairytale Wishes All Natural Aromatherapy Sprays For Kids!

Fairytale Wishes All Natural Aromatherapy Sprays For Kids!

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These sprays were designed to empower children in a fun engaging way to conquer common childhood fears and anxieties.  Currently there are 4 sprays in our line. Each spray has it’s own distinct scent, a rhyming mini-fairytale written by our “magic” Fairytale Wishes frog, Freddy, and a touch of magic glitter.

The sprays are as follow

  • Sweet Dreams Spray -This lavender scented spray on your pillow at bedtime and it will chase any bad dreams away!
  • Monster Repellent: Spray this “bubblegum” scented spray under the bed, in the closet, or anywhere a monster or anything scary might lurk and it will keep them far far away because in case you didn’t know it, monsters are TERRIFIED of bubblegum.  It gets stuck in their fur and their tentacles and just the smell of sends them running for the hills!
  • Super Hero Spray: Give your clothing a quick spritz of this energizing peppermint spray and it will give you bravery and confidence to last the whole day! Great for going to the doctor, getting on the school bus, dealing with a bully, trying out for the school play—the list is endless
  • Happy Camper Spray: Take this wonderful “grape jelly” scented spray to summer camp or anywhere away from home to keep homesickness at bay.

Price: $9.99
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