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About The Inventor:
Sheila Andreana Sewall,

Once upon a time, we were using dish towels that didn't protect our Master and Mademoiselle from the gookie stuff...

We had an epiphany while taking a walk while our porridge cooled. Lets create something that has never been done before!

That was good, but how could we go even further into the uncharted territory of quality and ingenuity...

Now, the mice stay up late to offer the finest Bibocks with Lapkins and vintage aprons on the market. Patented and patent pending.

Special occasion aprons, imaged in our beloved, Midwest Book Award winning children's book, Saving Up Smiles for a Rainy day, were used to create our signature, organic, healing and transformational, Honey Rose Caramels.


"Life is the creative expression of the inner man."

In life and via her creations, Sheila Andreana Sewall combines the love of dance, creation, and the narrative of teaching with the desire to give back peace and blessings. Sewall has a B.S. in applied design and visual communications and a MEd. of family education from the University of Minnesota.


Unable to find anything in the marketplace that met qualifications, "need is the mother of invention," the inspiration to create form follows function designs was birthed via her children. At the time, her two year old son, the wise master, pronounced them Bibocks... It's a bib. It's a smock. It's a Bibock! The name Lapkins was her husband's two cents. Lapkins cover the lap, promote good manners, and may be used as a washcloth for little hands and faces after a repast or creative project. Bibocks with Lapkins, charming, handcrafted, form follows function bibs was born.


Sheila Andreana loves to combine unexpected elements into a synthesized whole. If she can combine burlap and silk and lead you to believe they are married together, she will try. She loves the texture of life. The full spectrum of rainbow colors and experiences informs a sensual perspective. Sources of inspiration include: Spirit infused, natural (can't drink hot beverages from a styrofoam cup), organic elements in nature, the artistic use of light, staging, and costuming in old movies (before the overuse of quick camera cuts, explosives, and high drama), vintage artifacts, the creative stories derived from found objects by little people, Grace felt in the stillness of midnight, the edge of forever experienced through dance, and the deep stirring of motherly love as she stands in the presence her children.


Bibocks also embodies the loving essence of Grandmother Francis. Grandma Franny cooked and baked with only the use of a wood stove. Even on the hottest of days, one would bound through the porch, the screen door slamming behind, and enter the kitchen to be greeted with the unmistakable smell of a long morning's hard work. This simple woman in dress and possessions, but rich in humor and tacit knowledge, knew how to make bread and pie crust based on the texture alone between her fingers. After a three giggle hug, and an "oh my you shouldn't have!" she would beckon all to sit and talk around the table brimming with the nature and nurture of love in the form of favorite fresh baked goodies.

* Sheila Andreana is also the author of the Midwest Book Award winning children's book, Saving Up Smiles for a Rainy Day. The book is available at, Amazon and all regular outlets and bookstores.
* Proceeds from the sales of this book to benefit The Family Partnership.

* for more information, please go to:


Invention Marketplace: Kids & Toys > Bibocks With Lapkins- Apronafores- Aprons- Pinafores

Bibocks With Lapkins- Apronafores- Aprons- Pinafores

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Apron- Hostess, Glimmering Lavender Blue Taffeta Apronafore Bibock, Something Blue Apron, Pinafore

This elegant Apronafore in shimmering, lavender blue taffeta is sheer opulence! A symphony of of over three yards of exquisite, light dazzling glamour. Is this practical? Not in the least. We certainly have more suitable aprons to wash your holiday finery in. But irresistible?... oh my this is a show-stopper!


This small sized adult women's apron matches the Apron- Hostess Shimmering Burgundy and Lavender Blue Taffeta Apronafore and complements the Apronafore Burgundy Satiny Sheen Valentine Bibock. Glimmering golden taffeta is on the reverse side. The sheer white sash is flecked with beads on the ends. This makes an elegant shawl. The ties of this Apronafore Bibock can also be crisscrossed in the back, wrapped around the shoulders, and tied on the back of a small child to create a pinafore dress.


This is suitable for a glorious evening at the theatre, provided the little Mademoiselle takes off and puts on her Bibock with Lapkin before the hot fudge sunday curtain call.


It is an apron. It's a pinafore. It's an Apronafore. Bibocks, it's sheer innovation!


Greetings and salutations Friends,


I am the author of the Midwest Book Award winning children's book, Saving Up Smiles for a Rainy Day and the owner/inventor and designer of a small business entitled The Bibocks with Lapkins Company. We specialize in Bibocks with Lapkins. It's a bib. It's a smock. It's a Bibock! Charming, handcrafted, limited edition form follows function bibs, with Lapkins to cover the lap. Lapkins promote good manners, and may be removed and used as a washcloth for little hands and faces after a repast or creative craft project. They are of heirloom quality. The Bibocks with Lapkins are patented and patent pending #29/428,326 and 29/429,326 attorney reference # TLR-53354D.


We also feature vintage, special occasion Apronafores, adult and special need bibs, and other innovative, care products. New -prayer pouches and treasury purses will be featured in their own shop, We offer two sizes. The pouches are sized 5x7 and 12x14 inches. The 12x14 will fit our Saving Up Smiles for a Rainy Day children's book for a lovely gift. The prayer pouches and treasury purses will come with an uplifting message and a prayer cloth. The cloth can be held in the hands or placed over the heart and used to weave in prayers or well wishes for a sick person, Make a Wish Kid, or dying loved one. The cloth can be put underneath the pillow or left in the pocket of the beloved. The energy of these powerful intentions remain with the loved one. The pouches and purses would also be appropriate for a child going to camp or on their first overnight away from home. It holds their found treasures. These elegant bags are fully lined and may also be used as a beautiful table topper filled with our organic, Honey Rose Caramels for a wedding or gala affair.


We will be bringing our organic, no refined sugar, handcrafted caramels to market. I created this all natural caramel with organic medicinal qualities to offer a healthy treat for my children. They are transformative and delicious! I make sure there is some on hand during cold and sore throat season. The prayer pouches and treasury purses filled with organic Honey Rose Caramels would be an elegant table top party favor for a wedding or special occasion. All of our products and book are meant to complement and support each other.

Blessings and peace on your journey,

Rev. Sheila Andreana Sewall MEd.

The Bibocks with Lapkins Company




Price: $54.00
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